Why you need to have a local presence online

Tip 1 of 10

You’re getting this mail because we at PinMeTo know how to help fitness chains grow and gain more brand recognition by having a local presence online. By “local presence” we mean that every single fitness center in a chain has a presence on Facebook, Google, and Foursquare.

These three networks cover the vast majority of searches and social media activities conducted today and that’s why your locations need to be listed there. We often hear “Oh, we already do Facebook!” or “We have an agency for Google” but when we examine a company in detail, we find so much information improperly formatted or missing altogether.  

Don’t believe me? In our years of working with fitness clients and managing over 15,000 locations we’ve seen on average that 30% of all information a company has on its own locations is wrong.

Are you happy with 1 in 3 of your fitness centers having the wrong phone number or other critical information? The next 9 tips in this series will help you understand what is happening and why and guide you through how to fix it. If you would rather have our experts handle it for you, we’ll be happy to provide you with a free analysis to get things started. Just click the “Get a free report for your company!” button on our web to get things started!

Have a great day!