Unofficial pages (WHO MADE THESE???)

Tip 5 of 10

If you’ve spent any time clicking around on Facebook or Foursquare you may have seen a page that looks like its yours, but it says “unofficial page” at the top and you have no access to it. That’s what we call a duplicate and it is a page that was created by a Facebook or Foursquare user and you have no control over it even though it represents your brand.

On Google you’ll also see locations that say “Claim this business”. In that case, Google found something that they thought was yours, but couldn’t ensure that it belonged to you.

In both cases, these pages and locations hurt your brand and mislead your customers and unfortunately they can be REALLY popular! While it’s really important to remove or claim them, they can be very hard to find and even harder to get rid of.

Unfortunately, we can’t give you any great quick fixes either. You just have to do searches and find these pages by hand. If that sounds awful (Hint: it does), let us automate the process! Just give us a shout at to get started!

Have a great day!