Handle the basics: Foursquare

Tip 4 of 10

Four-what? You mean that old social media platform? Well, yes and no. Did you know that Foursquare sells its data for its 7 billion plus locations to over 125,000 apps and services? That’s a TON of exposure for your local fitness centers if you set it up properly.

Since Foursquare is / was a crowd sourced platform, chances are your local fitness centers are already listed… But what exactly is there? Do you trust crowdsourcing to ensure that your brand is properly represented and that your business information is correct? We hope not.

Set up a Foursquare business account and make sure that those 125,000 apps and services are showing the public what YOU want them to see!

Click here for a walkthrough on setting up Foursquare.

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Have a great day!