Forget ads, free Facebook posting is where it's at!

Tip 9 of 10

Did you know that when you set up all of your locations on Facebook (you did that, right?) you build little communities around each fitness center? These communities can act as an extraordinarily powerful salesforce for you.

Ever get advice from a friend about a movie or restaurant? The same happens on Facebook and you can encourage it by creating plain old fashioned free Facebook posts and posting them on each and every fitness center of yours to get people talking. Every time someone tags a friend or mentions them in a comment on your post that's viral sales at work for you!

Don’t be fooled into believing that posting to your brand page and mirroring that post on your locations is the same thing either. We wrote a whole article on the difference, and its huge. You need to post from each and every page.

So get busy copy and pasting! In our experience, it takes about 3.5 minutes to load a page, copy the text, images, etc and post so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time!  

No really, don’t do that. Use our tools instead and write one post and have it published with custom content to every single fitness center! Find out how at!

Have a great day!