Categories are a big deal. Are yours right?

Tip 7 of 10

One of the best things that can happen is that a potential customer has already decided to do something new and in the process of searching for a provider, they find you! That’s the easiest customer you’ll ever get. No ads, no fuss, just make sure they can find you when the time is right.

But chances are they’re not going to search for you by name. Heck, they might not have even heard of you. That’s why having correct and robust categories set is so incredibly important. The devil’s in the details so if you offer pilates classes, you should let the world know.

Unfortunately setting categories is different on each network and can even be different from one fitness center to the next. For instance not all facilities or classes may be offered at all locations.

So get busy setting the proper categories and tags today! Better yet, let our team of network experts guide you through the process and make sure that you catch those interested but undecided people! Find out more at!

Have a great day!