How to get your business setup On Google, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Maps and Foursquare

So, you want customers to find you. That is great, the benefits of having your business setup correctly on location services are many! It helps your business to be found and navigated to, in short it brings people to your door. It also makes it possible for people to share their experiences by posting photos, liking your pages, mentioning you in comments, or rating and reviewing you. All of which act as viral marketing for your company. "All in all a no brainer in this digital age."


Google SEARCH and google maps

Google is the search and maps service in the world. Your business should be correctly setup there, to not do that rarely makes any sense.

Go to and setup an account. Google My Business has some good documentation and guides to help you get setup.


facebook & Instagram

Most people think of Facebook and Instagram as social platforms and overlook their map and location features. This is in our view a mistake. Your business would benefit from being set up correctly both in regards to findability as well as getting free exposure from customers check ins, reviews, likes, photos, and other interactions.

Go to and set up a business account. This helps a lot with all things related to representing your business on Facebook. Go through the steps to connect your Business Manager to your Business Brand page and add a location info so that customers can find and interact with you. Facebook’s Business manager has a lot of settings (switches and toggles) but it does really pay off to work through it, good luck.

  • If you already have a Brand Page on Facebook and want to connect that to a Business Manager, it really helps if you have Admin rights on both places.

  • Think about how much customer interaction you want to allow, some businesses choose to limit things like post to timeline, reviews, and direct messages.



Foursquare has been out of the public eye for a long time. They were a public facing service years ago but have since changed their business to provide location data to other apps and services. These include Twitter, Uber, Snapchat and literally tens of thousands of other big and small apps and services. It is a quick way of covering a lot of ground location service wise.

  1. Go to and setup a personal account.

  2. Open a new tab/window and login to your business twitter account (if you don’t have one create one).

  3. Go to and use “Sign in with Twitter” to create a Business Account.

  4. Create a location with your business location information.

  • Be as specific and add as much relevant information as possible to be certain correct information is visible on apps and services that will use this data.


Apple maps

Apple Maps is the standard map service on IOS and OSX. It will help your business to be found by Apple devices and services such as Siri.

Go to sign in and follow instructions.

That was all for now. We wish you the best of luck!

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